In 2009 Culhane presented his solar energy  song "the Future is Here" at the "Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations" in Geneva, Switzerland.

This is where it all began for us, building ARTI style digestors in the impoverished areas of Darb Al Ahmar and Manshiyet Nasser in Cairo, Egypt in early 2009


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Home scale biogas at home. This is where it all began for Solar CITIES co-founder T.H. Culhane when he built his own household biodigester on the family porch in Essen after returning from his first visit to India in January 2009 where he learned about the ARTI India system. Today the Culhane has three biodigesters on the porch -- one ARTI style made from a 500 liter and a 300 liter water barrel and two 1000 liter IBC systems that Culhane innovated himself.

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In 2004 at the Nile Hilton in Cairo, Egypt, T.H. Culhane presented the Solar Energy projects he was involved with at the Wadi Environmental Science Center on the Alexandria Desert Road. As part of his presentation, he created a "melodic-mnemonic" science music video called "the Future is Now".


Video of The Future is Now with Arabic Subtitles