A Chinese Biogas Manual12.6 MB
a-single-culture-bioprocess-of-methanothermobacter-thermautotrophicus-to-upgrade-digester-biogas-by-co2-to-ch4-conversion-with-h2.pdf2.21 MB
AD 101 An introduction to ANAEROBIC DIGESTION578.7 KB
Algaes to biogas291.23 KB
angel-motor-german-googenglish.odt484.32 KB
appendix-d-structural-analysis-of-biogas-dome.pdf212.3 KB
Bag volume calculation, and gas permeability spreadsheet from Biogas Handbook by David House586.5 KB
Bicycle disposer advertorial110.26 KB
Biogas 101 - Biogas im Hausgebrauch - Deutsch901.17 KB
Biogas production through the syntropic acetate oxidizing pathway913.19 KB
biogas-from-food-waste_2014-03-03.xlsm45.06 KB
Biogas fuelled car949.8 KB
Biogas in Vietnam - how to build a business from biogas2.3 MB
East Timor Portugese Puxin Biodigester construction manual by Aires Eddie de Almeida13.66 MB
Better Farming Series 31. Biogas: what it is; how it is made; how to use it FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATI1.83 MB
bioponicsinvestigation2013.01.26.pdf886.9 KB
calculate-gas-production-or-vs-load-rate-at-lower-temp.xlsm22.12 KB
energetics_of_syntrophic_cooperation_in_1997.pdf337.74 KB
farmers-friend-biodigester-model-construction-manual.pdf629.94 KB
fastest_tree_overview_1.0.pdf531.5 KB
final-report_evaluation-study-for-household-biogas-plant-models_2010.pdf5.4 MB
Gas From Garbage: Solar CITIES work featured in Popular Science Magazine 20111.01 MB
germination_experiment.pdf4.39 MB
handbook-decision-support-system-for-the-application-of-renewable-energy-from-biogas-in-vietnam-and-thailand.pdf5.22 MB
Hestia Home Biogas Plans for how you can build your own 100 $ biodigester according to the Hestia style with battened gas holder337.69 KB
history_of_biotechnology_education_in_iraq.pdf77.83 KB
household_biogas_septic_tank_system.pdf249.74 KB
How to build a better biogas unit 2.34 MB
Improved performance of CEA microbial fuel cells with increased reactor size483.66 KB
Improving cold season biogas digester efficiency for global energy solutions by Katey Walter Anthony and T.H. Culhane, Report 3.03 MB
Improving the Potential for Small-Scale Wet-Waste-Fed Biogas Digestors using low-cost design principles by Culhane and Anthony9.56 MB
Manual do Biodigestor Sertanejo: Brazlian Projeto Dom Helder biogas manual in English3.35 MB
Manual do Biodigestor Sertanejo: Projeto Dom Helder biogas manual in Brazlian Portugese11.31 MB
mortar2cuminflatabletopplug-flow.pdf271.34 KB
multipletemperaturewebpanelfords18s20probenick3152014.ino6.71 KB
National Geographic Explorer Magazine featuring T.H. Culhane biogas systems5.34 MB
one_set_of_family_size_biogas_plant_10m3_and_2.5m31.pdf89.84 KB
one_set_of_family_size_biogas_plant_10m3_and_2.5m31.xls54.5 KB
Biogas Manual from Al Najah Universit in Palestine from 20128.9 MB
Biogas Manual from Palestinian Wildlife Society7.07 MB
polybiogas_-_ifad_final_report.pdf692.83 KB
pressure-temperature_effects_on_thermophilic_archaebacteria_1.pdf310.36 KB
productive_ecological_sewage_water_treatment_systems_full.pdf10.99 MB
A classic piece from the north temperate zone by Al Rutan from Energy Self Sufficiency Newsletter343.31 KB
Puxin 4 to 6 to 10 cubic meter system construction presentation powerpoint4.19 MB
Puxin Household Biogas Systems Manual (Comparison between Chinese, Indian and Puxin systems)3.84 MB
Puxin Family Biogas system fact sheet and materials477.69 KB
puxinpackinglistandinvoicebrazil.xls36.5 KB
rural_biogas_technology.pdf245.4 KB