Solar CITIES = Open Source Education for Biogas, Solar Thermal, Small Wind, Photovoltaics, Gasification and more!

Solar CITIES trains trainers of trainers. That's what we do. In the picture above that's Alvaro Silva, one of T.H. Culhane's former students from Jefferson High School from back in the early 90s, now all grown up, getting backyard biogas training from Solar CITIES intern Mike Rimoin, who got his training from Culhane in Cairo Egypt. What goes around comes around. Around the world. And that's what Connecting Community Catalysts is about -- we use a "come over to my house" philosophy to bring renewable energy education home... literally!

Here we provide documents, white papers, plans, how-to's, links to videos and links to other instructional websites and information in the public domain and even the occasional scholarly article.

But first, we invite you to get familiar with "the why and wherefore" of the art and science of biodigestion through this slideshow on "Dragon Husbandry" created by our very own Biogas Bob Hamburg.