Zarafa Camp, Okavanga Delta, Botswana 2010

As part of the Blackstone Ranch/National Geographic Innovation Challenge Grant he received, T.H. and Sybille Culhane traveled with their 2 year old son, Kilian, to the Okavanga delta to experiment with building biogas systems out of local water tanks at 3 different tourist camps owned by Great Plains Conservation to introduce the "how to" side of the technology to local staff in the hopes that it would begin creating a culture of biogas builders in the region and help offset the use of the firewood and charcoal that cause habitat loss and unintended brush fires, and the fossil fuels that pollute the air and water.

At Zarafa camp, shown here, we built a hybrid system with a 2500 liter water tank as primary digester and a 2500 liter tank with a 2000 liter tank upside down in it as secondary ARTI type digester and gas holder.

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