Ciudad de Leon, Mexico - 2014

Rotoplas engineers pleasantly surprised Culhane during his spring 2014 Mexico visit by showing him a  Solar CITIES style modified ARTI digester (with the "microbial motels" we put in to increase surface area in Kenya with the Maasai in 2010) that  they built in anticipation of his visit for testing as the company explores its own line of rotomolded home biogas systems (Rotoplas is already the top producer of home scale "biodigestores" in central and south America for treating toilet wastes, though these systems capture no gas).  For Rotoplas to enter into the small scale biogas market would be a real boon for development!
Since 1973 when  Rotoplas began its operations with spinning-molding technology it has evolved into one of the most successful and respected rotomolding companies in the world. In 1984 Rotoplas pioneered the replacement of asbestos water tanks with polyethylene and polypropylene materials and became the industry leader in water capture, storage and delivery improvements with a current distribution on over 2.5 million “Better Water Systems”.  Rotoplas has some 25 fabrication plants, 2 in Leon, 1 in Monterey, 1 in Guadalajara, 1 in Mexico City, 1 in Tucsla and 1 in Merida with others spanning Latin America, from Guatemala to Peru to Argentina and Brazil.  This kind of production and distribution network radically lowers transportation and transaction costs and makes it possible for Rotoplas to meet the development needs of a huge and diverse population of clients and consumers and agencies.

With an annual investment of 1.5% of  sales on R&D activities and continuous innovation and improvement and expansion of their product line, Rotoplas is always able to stay ahead of the curve as sociopolitical, financial and ecological situations change.  And with its Bano Digno program now providing hundreds of thousands of home-scale biodigester solutions for black water treatment (with an identified  target audience of five million households in need according to the stage has been set for Rotoplas to lead the 21st trend toward micro-scale appropriate technology trends.

Now that it has been established that biodigestion can be safely and effectively used not just to treat household fecal wastes for safe discharge but to transform all organic residuals (except for lignocellosic materials like branches and other wooden structures) into nitrogen rich liquid fertilizer (a type of saleable compost tea) and to capture the photosynthetic energy in food scraps and garden wastes through biogas storage for use in natural gas powered stoves, generators, refrigerators and process heat equipment,  Rotoplas stands to become a world leader in market based solutions to the food waste problem, keeping rotting material out of landfill (qualifying for Greenhouse Gas Reduction funds), reducing garbage pickup, hauling and transport costs, reducing or eliminating vermin and pests and disease and eliminating the deforestation and indoor air pollution that results from biomass cooking and heating, all while providing low cost reliable baseline energy in the form of clean biomethane.

Rotoplas is set to emerge as a total environmental services solution provider.
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