Biogas Build at Koreen Brennan's "Our Permaculture Farm"

Biogas Build at Koreen Brennan's "Our Permaculture Farm"

In Brooksville Florida we built two biodigesters at Koreen Brennan's "Our Permaculture Farm" -- first we assembled the Israel Home Biogas system she had purchased and then on another day we did a workshop where we built a Solar CITIES floating IBC biodigester. This way visitors to Koreen's permaculture trainings can have the same experience we give at the Rosebud Continuum Sustainability Education Center in Land O Lakes and at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) across from USF Tampa - the ability to get hands on experience with both a commercial family scale digester that is ISO 9001/9004 and CE listed and can be bought and set up in a few hours,  and a DIY system that can be made from local materials where a commercial system is unavailable. 
Our goal is to have "gardens of biodigester possibilities" within an hour's drive of one another so the public can fill in the gaps once they see how easy it is.
Koreen is the second Permaculture instructor we have worked with (we built a 6 cubic meter Solar CITIES Puxin digester with Andrew Faust at the Bioregional Living Center in Ellenville New York a couple of years ago, the first permaculuture training biodigester we know of. in the US.)

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