Simon Westermann, Culhane and the science team at Damanhur receiving the Insinkerator that Culhane was able to get from the company as a gift to the project research

In January of 2013, just before heading to Mercy College in New York to teach, Culhane was invited to do a biogas workshop at Damanhur Eco-community in northern Italy.  Simon Westermann, who had assisted Culhane in his biogas workshop in Budapest a year earlier, surprised Culhane by taking him to a laboratory in one of the nucleii where he and Damanhurian scientists had constructed a couple of Solar CITIES IBC based biodigesters and were experimenting with running a small generator from the gas then bubbling the resultant CO2 through an algae tank and then feeding the algage back to th

At Mercy College in the Fall of 2013 Culhane replaced the two digesters that had been destroyed when his laboratory experiments in room 304 were dismantled and he and Envisaj Mercy Vice President Tasheem Hall filled them with horse manure from the Rockefeller Park stables. One was kept in a shed and the other outside. They both froze solid over the long winter with a polar vortex that kept snow and freezing temperatures until May, and finally started producing gas at the end of May, 2014.

On August 4th 2012 Culhane presented some of the Solar CITIES technologies in a session with MIT development specialist Jose Gomez-Marquesz called "DIY and makers as international policy."  TH Culhane  demonstrated "fuel from garbage" and did "an electricity and hydrogen from aluminum demo" showing a 5 LED flashlight he had developed for his trip to Nepal the previous spring (shown in the videos on this page).

August 3 2012.

James Goodman (youth leader of the the Zombie Response Team of California's San Pedro Forest region) and his family (parents Gary Goodman, Lesly Chamberlain, concert pianist and grandmother Joanne DuBarr, and Africa development specialist Mark David Heath) pose in front of the region's first home scale biodigester (the inexpensive Solar CITIES IBC system), now in place for 'what me worry' disaster response, guaranteeing reliable clean power even when civilization goes down. Bring on the zombies, see if we care...

OK, we didn't actually build a functioning biodigester up at 5600 meters... yet!

 Our first Puxin 10m3 biodigester being constructed on Palawan Island

Working with Chance for Growth e.V.  we built our first Puxin 10m3 system at the Allouette School for Girls on Palawan island.

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In 2012 Dr. T.H. Culhane (Ph.D.)  joined doctors Sven Volkmuth and Christian Kories (MDs!) to build their first Puxin 10m3 biogas system on the island of Palawan and held the first international biogas conference in Palawan

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The Washington Math Science Technology School Biodigester was built by Solar CITIES co-founder Mostafa Darsh Hussein, visiting DC on an exchange program after Culhane did a biogas workshop at the school.

December of 2011 saw the rhizomal effect of Solar CITIES biogas builds reach ever further -- from a chance encounter in Nairobi to a workshop in Slovakia, within a few months we were in Budapest giving a workshop to see if we could extend the gift of home scale biogas to the Roma -- the gypsies who have been so disenfranchised and abused throughout Eastern Europe.

On September 25, 2011 we completed a 3 IBC Solar CITIES Biodigester build in the mountain village of Zazriva in Slovakia with the Catholic Youth Group "Dobrej Noviny".

Then we put everything on a trailer and brought it to the home of one of the coordinators of the program for daily use.

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Nigerian Biogas Workshop Part 1:

Bells School Nigeria

At the end of the summer of 2011, Culhane was joined by Ohio State University Urban Planning Professor Charisma Acey and Nigerian-German friend Paul Chido Iwunna on a trip to Nigeria, hosted by former President Obasanjo, to spread the "gospel of biogas" in Abeokuta. We built at His Excellency's home, at the Bell's School for Girls, at the Sacred Heart Hospital and at the home of a University Professor, Moses Oyatogun.