Arava Institute for Environmental Studies 2011

February 3 through 5 of 2011 the Arava Institue for Environmental Studies held its Alumni conference in Aqaba Jordan.  T.H. Culhane was the keynote speaker, and traveled to Aqaba with Amir Rabayah from Engineers without Borders Palestine, Yair Teller, the Arava's biogas expert,  and fellow National Geographic Emerging Explorer Beverly Goodman.  After the conference we crossed the border at Aqaba and built two biodigesters with Yair and the alums.  In 2014 Culhane returned with his students from Mercy College's Envisaj Mercy Club (the Environmental Sustainability and Justice League) and demonstrated that the digesters, though underfed, were still working great!

Photos: Amirit Rosen

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