Israel 2014innoventor

In January of 2014, Professor Culhane took students from "Envisaj Mercy: The Mercy College Environmental Sustainability and Justice League" on "the mother of all Biogas tours" visiting Eco-gas Israel installations throughout Israel and Solar CITIES installations in Palestine.  At the end of the two weekd "service learning field trip" Culhane and  his students and Alex Cicelsky and Mike Kaplin and the students and alums of the Green Apprenticeship Program (like Leo Adler, who also builds with Cuhane in Brazil)  built a new Solar CITIES hybrid IBC/ARTI home biogas design for the kitchen at Ki

Arava Institute, Israel 2014innoventor

In 2011, at the end of the Arava Institute Alumni Conference in Aqaba, Jordan, at which T.H. Culhane was the keynote speaker, a team of alumni and Culhane crossed the border to Israel with Arava biogas expert Yair Teller, and built two "salchicha" flexible bag type digesters at the Arava Institute in Kibbutz Lotan.