Melody Dialogue, Geneva 2009

In 2009 Culhane presented his solar energy  song "the Future is Here" at the "Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations" in Geneva, Switzerland.

At the presentation he met former Nigerian president Oluwasegun Obasanjo who is on the Melody Dialog board of directors. Obasanjo was at the conference presenting his passionate ideas and activities to stop deforestation in his country and throughout Africa.  Culhane and Obasanjo talked together about the urgency for solutions and Culhane proposed biogas as a major alternative to firewood and charcoal and a way to get quick relief from the deforestation that collection of these materials causes.

The following year Culhane, upon returning from a National Geographic/Blackstone Ranch Foundation sponsored trip to build digesters for development in Kenya and Tanzania to tackle deforestation issues, Culhane presented his Biogas song at the "Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations" event at UNESCO in Paris France.

President Obasanjo invited Culhane to his home in Abeokuta, Nigeria to build a biodigester there and run trainings throughout the region. Culhane and Ohio State University Professor of Urban Planning Charisma Acey and Solar CITIES member Chido Paul Iwunna (a German-Nigerian) traveled to Nigeria in August of 2010 and built digesters in 4 locations -- the presidents home, the Bells Girls School, a Catholic Hospital and the home of a professor at the University in Abeokuta.  They also built a demonstrated a treadle pump in Port Harcourt, and worked on a song describing its construction.


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