West Bank

Farkha Eco-Village Biogas workshop, West Bank, Palestine

In Farkha Ecovillage in the West Bank, which had been the site of this year's Ecovillage Design Education workshop (EDE) in cooperation with the Tamera Global Campus and the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), Mercy College Envisaj Club students worked with the local villagers on the construction of the second passive solar heated Solar CITIES 3 IBC biodigester, choosing a roof space behind the solar hot water system and one building over from the kitchen.

Bedouin Biogas at Auja Ecovillageinnoventor

The Solar CITIES solar heated IBC biodigester in Auja Bedouin Village in Palestine.

This was the first field deployment of our new "refugee camp" biogas system made from 3 IBCs with a passive solar heating window on the south side.  We did field trials at Tamera Ecovillage in Portugal, at Kathy Puffer's Homestead Ecosystem in Tilsson NY and at Janice Kelsey's Homestead Ecosystem in Glenmoore Pennsylvania.