Principia College Center for Sustainability 2014

Culhane teaches participants to build a mini biodigester

At Principia College during the sustainability conference we built a functioning mini-digester out of paint buckets.  It really works and not only teaches the principles but gives a few minutes of daily gas!

Principia College, Euphrates Institute 2014

In March of 2014, Solar CITIES' Culhane flew into St. Louis on a night flight from Rio where he was working on his Brazil biogas project with Solar CITIES Solutions, to deliver the keynote address at the Euphrates Institute conference on sustainability and to receive their prestigious "Visionary of the Year" Award. During the keynote he demonstrated the utility and safety of biogas by having a woman from the audience lie down on an air mattress filled with methane which he then used to light LED lamps using a "PowerPot" thermoelectric generator.

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