Home Biogas and Solar CITIES water tank biodiigester builds at Sacred Landsinnoventor

HomeBiogas representatiive Tracy Love Tippin and Patel College of Global Sustianability Professor T.H. Culhane, along with HomeBiogas Israel, made a donation of a HomeBiogas unit to Sacred Lands and built a Solar CITIES tank based system, this time (for the first time since our build in Kayseri Turkey at Eciyes University in December of 2016) ) using a used pill shaped water/fuel tank.

Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) Biodigesters

At the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) across the road (Fowller)  from my office at the Patel College of Global Sustainabiity I personally donated, and our students constructed, both a Solar CITIES floating IBC biodigester and my HomeBiogas digester from Israel.  We worked with education leader Ian Reed and high school students from his summer school team and now have a showcase for both the DIY method and the commercial system, side by side that is used to teach schoolkids and visitors every day.