Dr. TH Culhane and Solar CITIES Team at Green Planet Festival 2/28 In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The end of February saw Solar CITIES introducing its unique approach to teaching DIY solar energy (based on biogas as the primary form of useful stored sunshine) to the sunny state of Florida.  On Friday the 26th we presented to a group of fellow philanthropists and do-gooders in Miami (see video above), then at the Green Planet Festival in Fort Lauderdale all day Saturday the 27th (with both a booth on the exhibition floor and three presentations in classrooms throughout the day by Kathy Puffer and T.H. Culhane), then convened with conference goers at the Tree Hugger farm to introduce the concept there (and offer a build on their farm) and finally a presentation at the Culinary Institute at Florida International University on Monday the 29th on how food waste can be transformed into renewable energy and fertilizer.  We also did a demonstration of the safety of biogas cooking at the home of FIUs Lusby familly (see video below).


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