Solar CITIES and Tamera Healing Biotope create Song about Permaculture and solutions like Biogas

I think of all the songs I have ever written or performed I am most happy with this one, a melodic mnemonic song which...

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Eco-village Biogas Seminar with T.H. Culhane at Tamera Solar Village, Portugal

Have time at the end of this month? Have you been interested in visiting the Tamera Ecovillage Solar Test Field, with its amazing greenhouse and food waste heated Stirling engine and Solar Kitchen, constructed wetland water retention landscape and permaculture gardens, but wondered when the best time would be to make the trip? This is your chance! There is still time and space for you to become a part of the Global Campus biogas team and turn your European Vacation into "Spring trip to Tamera in Portugal" and come home a biogas apostle.