Journalist's Questions about the Mission

Seeing is knowing, where can we see this in action?

Go to Tamera Solar Village Test Field in Portugal or come to Mercy College or the home of Kathy and Ed Puffer in Tilson NY or the Rockefeller Mud Creek Farm in Hudson NY and see for yourself!

Or, click on our maps here at these websites, click on the location point and then go visit for real  (the above mentioned locations are on the map):

Seeing is believing *

Video tutorial with animation and pictures showing how to build the Solar CITIES  IBC Biogas system

What are the tools and materials you´ll need to work in good conditions? *

Our needs are small:

Some used IBC tanks with intact lids. A drill with appropriately sized hole saws.  Plumbing materials (pipes, valves, elbows, Ts and fittings). Black paint.  Insulation materials. Gravel or stones. About 100 kg of some kind of animal manure as a starter inoculant to introduce the microbes. That's it.  We've done this in remote villages in Africa and in the streets of Istanbul and everywhere in between. This ain't rocket science; we just need it to take off!

In which category does your project fit?


Describe all we need to know about your project.

People used to think that biogas systems needed to be big, were difficult and needed experts to construct,  needed to be outdoors, and needed a lot of animal manure to work.

None of this is true.

Please describe the problem you are trying to solve and how.

We strive to tackle and solve the "metabolic rift" problem -- the ecological crisis caused by  linear cradle to grave resource mining and  transformation with non-equilibrium capital accumulation and entropic dispersion engendered by the division between town and country.

What is it y'all think yer doin'?

We are closing the loop by transforming "food-waste-to-fuel-and-fertilizer-to-food-and-cooking again"  at the home and community scale.

The name of our signature project that makes this magic accessible to EVERYONE is "The Solar CITIES DIY IBC Biodigester for Homestead Ecosystems"

Eco IQ 2

Turkey impresses me each time I visit with its dedication to creating a

healthy progressive environment; I was delighted to see a growing

number of solar electric panels, solar hot water systems and wind farms

as we travelled through the country. I loved seeing the commitment

Turks make to planting and nurturing trees and in Cappadocia I was

impressed by the celebration of creating beautiful architecture out of

materials and shapes unique to the local landscape. Turkey is blessed

Eco-IQ from Turkey 1

As a sustainable development professional and environmental science

professor focusing on how to help us reach our UN Millennium goals I

constantly reflect on the distinction between “techne” (knowledge that

is immutable, universal and transferable) and “metis” (knowledge that is

ever changing, intensely local and can't be replicated elsewhere). As a

National Geogaphic Explorer I confront the distinctions on a first hand

basis through my travel to as many as 10 different countries every year.