Please describe the problem you are trying to solve and how.

We strive to tackle and solve the "metabolic rift" problem -- the ecological crisis caused by  linear cradle to grave resource mining and  transformation with non-equilibrium capital accumulation and entropic dispersion engendered by the division between town and country. That's just a fancy way of saying that as long as energy and fertility are being mined in one place ("the countryside"), utilized in another ("the town" or "the city"), and disposed of as waste products in another ("the landfill", "the dump", "the river", "the ocean") , the result is inevitable impoverishment and system collapse.  The rift between the sources or "cradle" of energy and food production, and their destination or "grave" as waste materials, destroys the chance for a living metabolism of recycling that would ensure sustainability.  Still, this problem is actually quite easy to deal with, particularly at the local level (it can also be scaled up).  An "industrial ecology" approach treats all outputs from one system as an input to another in a semi-closed loop (open to solar input).

We are successfully using "Do it Yourself" Biogas systems based on readily obtainable and inexpensive IBC plastic shipping containers to close the rift and want to share the solution as widely as possible.


What seems to be the problem here? And why do you think your rag-tag army of capeless-crusaders can solve it?