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A simple way we use to visually describe how easy it is to build a biogas system

(The following questions and answers come from our application to the Clinton Global Initiative and can serve other organization desiring to know more about our work and commitments).

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Cold Climate Adaptations - Experimental Week at Tamera Solar Village, Portugal

Cold nights and seasons are considered as an obstacle that keeps biogas solutions away from northern areas and out of permaculture and sustainability projects. The experimental week in August 2015 at the Tamera Solar Village was therefore dedicated to find and try out affordable insulations and heating methods that can be applied throughout the world.

The Solar CITIES Biogas Workshop and The Eco-Village Movement

Biogas Workshop in Tameram, TH Culhane in front

The recent workshop continued work that Culhane had done with the team at Tamera in 2011 when we held a Global Campus workshop to build Tamera's first kitchen-connected Solar CITIES style modified ARTI (Indian floating drum) digester, a delightful living fire breathing dragon now named "Holda".   Holda is  a 4 cubic meter work-horse (play-dragon)  of a biogas system fed on kitchen scraps who (who, not which, since she is alive) has now been in continuous and successful operation for nearly four years, going from a crawling baby to a running toddler.

Independence Technology

Blue flame burning

From (in German)

In Deutschland haben wir offiziell der Atomkraft den Rücken gekehrt und umarmen stattdessen erneuerbare Energien für eine saubere, gesunde Zukunft. Aber wie erreichen wir das, ohne auf Geschäftemacherei, die Regierung oder "space invaders" zu warten, um den Rest von uns mit den Technologien, die wir brauchen, zu versorgen?

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