Hakoritna Farm Biogas Gas build with Solar CITIES three IBC system

Solar CITIES, Envisaj Mercy and Palestinian Polytechnic students worked together on January 13 and 14 to  build our "refugee camp" IBC based biodigester in a greenhouse at Hakoritna Farm.  The previous day we had built an identical system, with passive solar heating windows, across the street from Hakoritna farm owner Fayez Odey Taneeb's house in the city.  We also felt it imperative to build a system at the farm where previously Imad Atrash from the Palestinian Wildlife Society and Global Campus leader Aida Shibli had constructed the Solar CITIES variant of the ARTI India fl

Farkha Eco-Village Biogas workshop, West Bank, Palestine

In Farkha Ecovillage in the West Bank, which had been the site of this year's Ecovillage Design Education workshop (EDE) in cooperation with the Tamera Global Campus and the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), Mercy College Envisaj Club students worked with the local villagers on the construction of the second passive solar heated Solar CITIES 3 IBC biodigester, choosing a roof space behind the solar hot water system and one building over from the kitchen.