Bring the Solar C³ITIES movement to your community!

We give workshops and presentations around the world to ignite interest in the topics of holistic flourishing development.  For the past half decade we've been focusing on the fundamental position of food-waste-to-fuel-and-fertilizer based biodigesters as the key to sustainability, along with the broader vision of how to create thriving solar cities.  Our co-founder, Dr. T.H. Culhane, an urban planner and college professor who teaches Environmental Sustainability and Justice, is constantly touring the planet acting as what ABC news called "The Green Preacher", bringing the "gospel" of home and community scale urban biodigestion to the world, focusing on  its relation to solar energy, waste management, urban agroforestry and vertical farming solutions and sharing the good news that application of permacultural principles with biogas at its center in the built environment can also help solve larger problems such as deforestation, indoor air pollution, water and pest borne diseases and poverty.  The key message of these presentations is that almost anybody and any community can do it themselves.  Presentations are done in a dynamic way involving art, models, animation and music to activate interest and understanding in  a wide variety of multiple intelligences and audiences.

Other members of our team are also active presenting the Solar C³ITIES vision.  Here are some of the presentations we've done over the past few years.

Solar C³ITIES Presentations Map

Solar C³ITIES Presentations

At the annual National Geographic Explorer's Symposium in June of 2011, upon his return from a renewable energy surveying expedition to Nepal, Culhane demonstrated his solution to the aluminum can waste problem plaguing remote parts of the Himalayas where trekkers leave garbage that is too expensive to remove for recycling. The solution: turn them into powder while creating hydrogen and useful electricity.

Using an Insinkerator food waste grinder in Kakenya's Dream School

Solar CITIES has been working in Kenya since 2010 in several locations:  The Mukuru Art Center (MAC) school in Mukuru Slum Nairobi, in Ol Donyo Waas Nature Preserve between Nairobi and Mombasa and in the Maasai Mara village of Enoosaen at Kakenya's Dream School for Girls. In 2011 we experimented with biodigester's and Insinkerator's in Enosaen.

Building the first home scale biodigester in Palestine with the Palestinian Wildlife Society, Engineers without Borders Palestine and Brother's Engineering Company in Beit Sahour

Cultural affairs lead officer Frank Finver and Arava Institue graduate Dana Rassas brought Solar CITIES to the West Bank to do renewable energy workshops in 2010.  On the last day of Culhane's stay he built Palestine's first food waste biodigester at the Palestinian Wildlife Society Eco-home demonstration area with Imad Atrash, Amer Rabayah, Mohammed Salem and friends.  The program continues to this day with several dozen small scale biogas systems being built throughout the West Bank and Gaza.

In 2009 Culhane presented his solar energy  song "the Future is Here" at the "Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations" in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2004 at the Nile Hilton in Cairo, Egypt, T.H. Culhane presented the Solar Energy projects he was involved with at the Wadi Environmental Science Center on the Alexandria Desert Road. As part of his presentation, he created a "melodic-mnemonic" science music video called "the Future is Now".