FW2FF Sustainability Superheroes

Want to be a Sustainability Superhero?
The easiest way to get into the game is to join the FW2FF team, the "Fantastic FEW" Nexus team.  "FEW" stands for "Food Energy and Water" with Zero Waste implied, and "FW2FF" stands for "Food Waste to Fuel and Fertilizer". 

You pronounce it "The Food Tough Initiative" (get it? "The FW2FF Initiative" can be pronounced with FW2FF sounding like "Food Tough" rhyming with Food Stuff and it takes a tough hero to tackle this big world problem!) Or you can pronounce it "F What IF?" asking the question WHAT IF we DID eliminate all food waste and instead transformed everything organic we can no longer use into clean energy and new healthy food?

Did you know that Food Waste is the third largest greenhouse gas emissions source? But did you further know that when we convert food waste into Fuel and Fertilizer we offset not just those gasses, but also the gasses from fossil fuel consumption and from industrial agriculture!
So FW2FF really is something heroic that you can do to make a difference and BE the FEW Nexus, BE the change, BE a sustainability superhero!


Fantastic Four FF


Fantastic Four FF 2


Fantastic Four FF 3

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