Sensing pH in a way that makes sense (for the other 90%), by T.H. Culhane

For years now, many of us have been engaged in various discussions and experiments to determine the best way to continuously monitor the pH of our biogas systems.  Those of us doing this at home on limited to nonexistent budgets have dreamed of an inexpensive DIY microcontroller based system that we can stick in a port in our tanks and forget about (except for the readings on our smart phones which would alert us when things are going sour, of course!).

Home-scale Biogas for the World

Situations like these are a daily occurrence in the South American 6-million-inhabitant metropolis. Especially the World Cup and the upcoming Olympic Games have intensified the conflict between the Brazilian government and the drug cartels ruling the favelas. In fact, the local residents appreciate some of their government’s more recent concessions like the garbage disposal or public transportation. However, what they appreciate even more is the form of personal independency that they managed to preserve over the years. Simply calling the favelas a slum would not do justice to them.

Independence Technology

Blue flame burning

From (in German)

In Deutschland haben wir offiziell der Atomkraft den Rücken gekehrt und umarmen stattdessen erneuerbare Energien für eine saubere, gesunde Zukunft. Aber wie erreichen wir das, ohne auf Geschäftemacherei, die Regierung oder "space invaders" zu warten, um den Rest von uns mit den Technologien, die wir brauchen, zu versorgen?

Is 'big oil' against the development of small scale renewable energy systems?

This being election time in the Unites States,  I was complaining to my social media friends  that any candidate who is primarily sponsored by companies whose profits come from the extraction and sale of fossil fuels would not be likely to create a business environment favorable to those of us in the decentralized energy/renewable energy sector.  I went so far as to suggest that an administration backed by big oil would have a negative effect on small scale producers of clean energy.


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